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Q: As a kid in the late sixties/early seventies I was a keen corn flakes eater and recall the joy of collecting the small plastic figurines that came in the cereal boxes - often getting into trouble for digging through the box to get them. When did that particular promotional stream stop and why? I assume it was a health and safety reason. Any chance of it coming back?
- Noel , Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

A: Hey Noel, we loved giving away freebies in our pack and at Kellogg’s we have very strict guidelines on the type for freebie we give away making sure your health and safety is never compromised and never will be. We stopped giving away free items in box as research showed that people preferred value added, higher value free items, so we started doing promotions like hourly draws to win cool gear, electronic gadgets like Go- Pros and even X-boxes.

However, every now and then we bring back the freebies in box, a few years back we gave a way cereal clips and we have just launched a new offer where you can get your hands on a series of Nickelodeon Spoon Straws in specially marked packs. We know people love freebies so we promise to have more fun freebies in our boxes in future.

Click here and check out this infographic that’s a look at some of the free toys, books and gadgets that we’ve offered over the years!