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Thanks to a failed attempt at creating a cereal of wheat, oats and cornmeal clusters back in 1898, our founder W.K. Kellogg and his brother Dr. John Harvey Kellogg changed breakfast forever when they accidentally flaked wheat berries. W.K. kept experimenting until he managed to flake corn, which is how our famous Kellogg’s Corn Flakes came to be!



Our founder W.K. Kellogg was an innovator, unlocking nutrition from grains over 100 years ago.  Like many people, he thought that the number seven was lucky. In a 1932 letter to his grandson, he pointed out several ways in which the number seven had been lucky in his own life:


1  Seven Letters

There are seven letters in the name ‘Kellogg’


2  Seventh Child

His father, John P. Kellogg, was his father’s seventh child


3  1807

His father was born in the year 1807


4  Seventh Son

W.K. was his father’s seventh son


5  Seventh Day of the Week

He was born on the seventh day of the week


6  Seventh Day of the Month

He was born on the seventh day of the month


7  Seven Grandsons

W.K. had seven grandsons




Tony the Tiger wasn’t always the only character on Frosted Flakes cereal boxes – in fact, the official mascot was very nearly an Aussie! Back in 1952, Tony was joined on supermarket store shelves by fellow animal friends Elmo the Elephant, Newt the Gnu and Katy the Kangaroo. Soon afterwards, a contest was held in America to determine who would be the sole face of Frosted Flakes – Katy or Tony. Tony won by popular demand and served as the mascot from then on. While his look changed through the years, one thing remained consistent – his red handkerchief.




When Apollo 11 blasted off in 1969, it carried Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. But not many people know that Kellogg’s cereal also made the trip. To ensure that the astronauts had delicious breakfasts throughout their 11 days in space, Kellogg’s provided the crew with Frosted Flakes and fruit-flavoured Corn Flakes cereal cubes.





Did you know that we’ve been making cereal in Sydney since 1924? Our first factory was located in the Inner West suburb of Chippendale and within four short years, Corn Flakes had proved so successful within Australia that we had to build a new, larger plant in Botany. Our manufacturing facilities are still located in Botany to this day, conveniently located along the train line and near the wharves to facilitate the shipping of products around Australia and into the Asia-Pacific region. The factory has consistently grown over the decades to keep pace with an ever-increasing demand.