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Q: Why don't you have a pop-up Kellogg's Cafe in Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD where you can get all the good Kellogg's brand cereals and choices of milks and topped with fresh fruit with a coffee or juice all day? Plus you could have cakes/muffins/slices made with Kellogg’s ingredients -I'd love a chocolate crackle as a treat... they are so tasty and remind me of my childhood, but I don't want to make a whole batch.
- Kerry, Sydney, New South Wales

A: Hey Kerry - great minds think alike, we launched Sydney’s first ever pop up Cereal Café just a few months ago!

To celebrate the launch of Open for Breakfast, we took over Kawa Café in Sydney's Surry Hills for one week, serving cereal-inspired breakfasts, brunches and lunches, along with a mouth-watering menu of cereal based snacks, desserts and drinks. Whilst the pop-up is now over, some of the best items from our menu are still available at Kawa – or if you do feel like whipping up a batch of one of those nostalgic treats all of the café recipes, along with many more are on Amazing Creations here >

Whilst we have nothing concrete planned yet, we had such a blast pulling the pop up together, and heard so much positive feedback that we are definitely looking at any and all possibilities to do something similar in the future! So keep an eye out on social media (facebook, twitter) and on Open for Breakfast to see where we might be popping up next.