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Q: Who made the rule that we should eat cereal for breakfast? I really don’t like cereal. It starts out crunchy and turns into gloop and tastes like mud

- Caroline, submitted via Fat Mum Slim for an article about Open for Breakfast


No one made a rule that we should all eat cereal for breakfast, but having cereal and milk in the morning is quick, inexpensive and good for you. There’s protein and calcium from the milk plus all the good stuff in cereal like fibre, B vitamins and iron. We’ve written about the benefits of the cereal and milk combo here too.

By the way we don’t think any food should be gloop or taste like mud either, which is why ‘bowl life’ – the time in the bowl that cereal stays crunchy – is a very important attribute for us when developing new cereals!

The latest research conducted by the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturer’s Forum (or ABCMF for short) also found that two out of three cereal eaters love to keep it crispy or crunchy. In fact, 13 million Aussies take care in the mornings to get the milk ratio just right to prevent soggy cereal and 3.7 million add extra crunch with nuts and seeds. Interestingly, men are more likely than women to love soggy cereal (37% vs. 28%)!

If you don’t like the cereal and milk combo, have you tried it by itself as a snack? Or added it to your salads at lunch? There’s a bunch of ways you can use cereal outside of breakfast on our Open for Breakfast recipe hub.