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Q: Could you please advise me, what is the best cereal for diabetics. I haven’t consumed cereal since I was diagnosed in 2003.  As a matter of interest, in 2006, I visited the Kelloggs 'museum' in Battle Creek, Michigan. A very interesting day, and Battle Creek was so very pretty, with all the trees decked in Autumn/Fall colours, just beautiful. - Pauline, Brisbane Queensland

A: Hi Pauline, Battle Creek is definitely still just as beautiful as it was 10 years ago, we’re so glad you enjoyed your visit!

In regards to your question, we would love to advise you on which Kellogg’s products are best for diabetics. However, every person is different and has a different medical history. Without a medical history it is not easy to advise which cereal would suit you.

We recommend that you consult your doctor or dietitian regarding which foods are likely to affect your blood sugars and review our products and their Nutritional information on*.html

Pauline, we’re sorry we couldn’t give you a definite answer, but we hope to have pointed you in the right direction.