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Q: Coco Pops has 11g of sugar [per serve] and Nutri-Grain has 10.7g. Recommendations I've found are for children to have a maximum of 12g of sugar a day. Coco Pops has a 2 star health rating and Nutri-Grain has a 4 star health rating. Why is there such a difference when there is a minimal difference in sugar content?

- Renee, submitted via Fat Mum Slim for an article about Open for Breakfast


The World Health Organisation recommendation for children is a maximum of 22g of added sugar per day, which is the equivalent of about 5 teaspoons. This recommendation doesn’t include the sugar found naturally in fruit, vegetable and dairy, but rather only applies to sugars added to foods such as cane sugar and honey.

The Health Star Rating system was designed by the government to look at the whole food. We shouldn’t judge the healthfulness of a food solely on its sugar content. The rating calculator looks at the amounts of nutrients like protein and fibre together with the fruit, vegetable, nut and legume content; balancing that out with the sugar, saturated fat and sodium content. It then gives the food a star rating. Nutri-Grain has protein and fibre which contributes to the higher star rating compared to Coco Pops, which is lower in protein and fibre.

If you want more information about the sugar in our products and where it comes from – check out this infographic.